Now you can breathe easy with our 6-stage air purifier.
This economically priced, six-stage air purification system features:

  • Purifies 700 sq. ft. per hour
  • Costs only pennies a day to operate
  • Safety designed; turns off when cover is removed
  • Energy efficient 3-speed controls with 15 min. on/off; 2 hr., 4hr. and 24 hr. settings
  • Light weight and portable
  • High/Low ozone output switch
  • Use as necessary for strong odors
  • Ozone stage suggested for unoccupied areas




· A pre-filter: A coarse mesh to trap the larger particles of dust, dander, lint and hair. This unique combination of pre-filtering substantially reduces the pollutants in the air before they can clog up submicron filters that follow. It can be vacuumed if necessary.

· A H.E.P.A. filter: Designed to trap over 99% of most airborne particles, including pollen, pet dander, mold bacteria, and much more.

· Micro Antimicrobial Filter: This finely woven filter captures any possible microorganism with a special antimicrobial substance.

· High-Capacity Activated Carbon Filter: This high-capacity carbonized filter pad acts like a sponge to purify the air stream by absorbing a wide range of gases, chemicals and odours.

· Ionizer: This ionization feature emits a mild charge to freshen “stale” air, like the fresh air you breath after a thunderstorm.

· A deodorizer/ozonator for heavy odors : The ozonator attacks offensive odors by actually splitting atom molecules of the pollutants, leaving fresh, clean air behind!

More Features:

Filters down to 0.03 microns, three speeds, a 1,2,4 or 24 hour timer for the deodorizer/ozonator, on/off switch, Ionizer indicator light, Lightweight, portable, and easy to use. Just plug it in to purify the air you breath. The 6-Stage Air Purification System is by far the most advanced air purifier on the market today.

Click HERE for a list of chemicals that the 6-Stage air purifier can remove.