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Email Reminders automatically send you an email when it is time to replace your filter cartridges. Please select a starting date and replacement frequency, and then enter your email address. If you have both air filters and drinking water filters and their replacement frequency differs, you will just need to click the products you own. (If the replacement frequency is the same for both filters, signing up for two email reminders is unnecessary.)

To see how often you should replace your filter cartridge, please refer to the replacement frequency chart.


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    Q & A

    Q: If I use less water than the amounts indicated on the chart, will my water filter cartridge last more than twelve months?
    A: Due to potential bacteria growth, once the cartridge filter becomes wet, it must be replaced at least every twelve months, regardless of use. The Universal and 2015 cartridges last up to two years.

    Q: What if I sign up for email reminders and then would like to unsubscribe?
    A: Information for unsubscribing will be sent to you in every reminder email.

    Q: What do I do if I need to edit the information I submitted when signing up for email reminders?
    A: You can simply sign up for email reminders again with the same email address and update your information. Your old information will automatically be replaced.

    Q: I’m currently signed up for email reminders for both the drinking water and shower filter replacement cartridges. How do I unsubscribe from only one of these reminders?
    A: When you unsubscribe from email reminders, you will be given the option to maintain either the drinking water or shower filter email reminder.