1.5 QT Saucepan with Lid

This is a special promotional price to try this cookware before buying the set.

We know from experience and from the 5 million plus clients who enjoy using Vacumatic cookware, that you will want the rest of the set once you have tried it.

Not everyone has an opportunity to see a full demonstration of what this cookware can do. So it is difficult to understand how such an expensive set can pay for itself and save the average family over 1800.00 a year.

When you do order the set, and should that set include the 1.5 quart and cover, we will simply credit you the cost of this item.

As this is without question the highest possible quality made anywhere on this planet, it is not cheap, even with large discounts. If you are not familiar with high end cookware you may find the need to see a piece and try it first. For this reason, we are offering a one time special price on this pan.

If you should then order our popular Master Chef Set we will remove the cost of this pan from the sale price plus include a free cookbook made for this set, an instructional DVD, give free shipping and NO tax.

This special offer is available as long as we keep it posted on the web site.


“It’s like eating raw vegetables but without the crunch”

Why buy fresh vegetables then boil, steam or microwave them?

Only cooking Vacumatically retains all the natural vitamins.




Vacumatic 7-Ply 316T Surgical Steel with Titanium Cooking Utensils

A new concept in food preparation made by one of the world’s most respected American manufacturers of stainless steel cooking utensils.

Low energy cookware. Pays for itself in a few years by using over 75% less energy than conventional cookware

Serving people with quality since 1874

Fully guaranteed for 50 years

Made in America