WFS Shower Filter


By far our most economical shower filter choice. The high quality WFS shower filter provides excellent performance reducing chlorine, VOC’s and other chemical contaminants commonly found in municipal water filter.

The KDF-55 media inside the shower filter uses advanced redox (reduction-oxidation) technology to provide a more healthful shower. At 1 year, simply discard the unit and replace.

Softer skin and hair in 2 weeks – Guaranteed!
100% KDF-55 media
Will not rust or corrode
Date ring allows you to set the month the filter need to be replaced
Lasts up to 1 full year




The WFS shower filter is the only one that can be plumed inline to the water supply, as it has a burst-proof sealed housing. If you have an inline water filter for the cold water, you can install this shower filter on the hot water line so that should you use warm water, you are not contaminating the purified water with chemicals.

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