Portable Emergency Water Treatment System

Multi stage portable water purifier for emergencies such as flood victims.


We saw a need to build a water purifier for flood victims in an emergency situation.

Currently the government and the Red Cross shell out many millions of plastic water bottles, and the environmental impact of these plastic bottles is devastating.




We saw a need to  develop a water treatment system to resolve the devastating damage to our planet from plastic water bottles currently distributed to flood victims in the USA.

Today, North Americans buy nearly a billion bottles of water every single week (51 billion bottles every year).

Every 90 seconds a child dies from contaminated water. A solution is needed to be found.


Our mission was to create a water treatment system that is light and portable, easy to maintain,  affordable,  highly effective at removing the widest possible range of contaminants from flood water or any other source of water.


Click HERE to watch video on how this system works

Click HERE to see the filtered water being consumed


Stage one: sediment screen nozzle to remove large debris such as twigs and leaves  (replace – never)

Stage two:  washable pleated 20 micron pre-filter (replace – between 10 and 50 thousand gallons)

Stage three: 20 inch GAC. (Granular Activated Carbon) (replace – between 5 to 10 thousand gallons

Stage four: 20 inch blend of carbons and KDF (replace –  after 15 thousand gallons)

Stage five: 5 micron 20 inch carbon block (replace – after 20 thousand gallons)

Stage six: 0.5 micron 20 inch carbon block (replace – after 50 thousand gallons)

Stage seven: 6 sterilizing Doulton ceramic cartridges (0.5 microns) for bacteria and microbes (replace – after 20 thousand gallons)


We took water from the Ottawa River (a river we don’t swim in). We then added gasoline, fecal matter and contaminated soil from a flood area. This was to replicate as close as we could, flood waters.

We ran the water through the system with an environmental chemist, then had volunteers taste the water and had the chemist take the water to his lab for analysis.

We were more than pleased with the lab results.

Click HERE to read the lab report.

Contaminated flood waters transformed quickly into purified water.


This unit, and variations of this unit, is also ideal for cottages, towns and villages where there is a ‘boil water advisory’,  third world countries where clean water is not available and anywhere anyone wants to transform water ranging from polluted swamp water to Spring water into safe, clean drinking water.

The unit comes standard with an electric pump. This can be changed to gas plus we include a hand pump for when there is no gas or electricity.

We also have the MINI system with 10 inch housings. More portable and lighter. It will do the same thing but a bit lower flow rate and cartridge do not last quite as long. Ideal for motor homes and places where a larger system may not fit.


For more details and to discuss how we can custom design your water system for your needs cal us any time at 1-877-523-7800