Model 10,000

Class: Central HEPA Filtration System
Delivered Airflow: 1000 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
Dimensions: 17″ wide, 28″ length, 50″ high
Duct Connections: 10″x12″ intake and outtake ducts
Power Consumption: 600 Watts

Filter Life:
– Pre-Filter: 3-6 months
– HEPA Filter: 2-5 years
– Carbon Filter: 6 months
– Optional V.O.C. Canister: 12 months




Air Changes per Hour (ACH)

1000 sqft 1500 sqft 2000 sqft 2500 sqft 3000 sqft 3500 sqft 4000 sqft 4500 sqft 5000 sqft
10000 7.5 ACH 5 ACH 3.7 ACH 3 ACH 2.5 ACH 2.1 ACH 1.87 ACH 1.66 ACH 1.5 ACH

Based on 8′ ceilings

Generally speaking, the more air changes per hour (ACH) you can provide, the more effective a HEPA filter can be.
1 ACH provides excellent air cleaning results (higher is recommended for people with sensitivities).
Remember: More HEPA is better than less, but some HEPA is better than nothing at all.

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Filter Replacement Kit
(6 Pre-Filters, 3 Carbon Filters)

Replacement filters to keep the unit running at maximum efficiency

(for 6 months)

HEPA Cartridge

The HEPA cartridge captures the smallest particulates. Over time (2-5 years) it will become clogged with particulates and significant airflow reductions will occur.

Complete Kit
(1 Pre-Filter, 1 HEPA Cartridge, 1 Carbon Filter)

Upgrade: V.O.C. Cartridge
(100% Carbon)

Heavy duty removal of chemicals and odors

Also Available in 40% Zeolite 60% Carbon
U.S.: 95016-6
Can.: 95006-6

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To save on shipping, we recommend you purchase at least 1 year of replacement filters when you buy your system.
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Common Installations

Basement Installation

Attic Installation

Closet/Attic Installation

Amaircare HEPA filters are commonly installed using a by-pass method. Amaircare HEPA’s can also be installed as a ‘stand alone system’. If you do not see your application here, please call us toll free at 800-268-7732

Further info on the 2500HV

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