Eclipse 6 Stage Shower Cartridge




Custom Blend Shower Filter

A Healthier Shower Experience

Water is not the same in every City. We can adjust the media inside the cartridge to be most effective for the water in your area.

The elegant hand held  design of our Shower Filter allows it to be used with ease and convenience. In its set position, swivel it from side to side or up and down for the position that suits you. The 60 inches of hose allows for flexibility of use. A sediment disc protects against clogging and lengthens useable cartridge life.

Lift the shower handle from its anchor, and it becomes an easy to use shower wand. Allows for convenient rinsing of walls of shower areas as well. The combination of filtration media makes the water softer to the skin and provides a luxurious and healthier shower experience.

Six Stage Custom Blend Shower System

Pre-filter Disc. Particle sediment disc blocks rust, sand or any sediment from entering cartridge and shortening filter service. If your water has high sediment, disc can be removed and cleaned as required.



25 oz. KDF-55. Delivers more than 30,000 gallons of up to 99% free chlorine removal, for 12-15 months cartridge service for one to three persons, depending on amount and length of showers taken, and water quality. Skin irritations and hair problems associated with chlorinated water are significantly reduced.



Catalytic Carbon Compliment KDF-55 in free chlorine removal, reducing exposure to harmful vapors associated with warm and  hot water showering.


Hydro-Chlorox Ceramic Ball from Europe Technology using all natural minerals makes tap water activated and ionized.

PH adjusting Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet Produces water with lower internal surface tension; giving shower water a softer, more delicate  feel on the skin.

Calcium Sulfite 
Helps to regulate the pH of the water- skin and hair may feel smoother. A very effective chlorine scavenger in a broad range of water temperatures.


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Additional Shower Features

  • Hand held wand with 4 adjustable spray settings .
  • Swivels side to side/up and down for convenient positioning .
  • Available in polished chrome,brass or brushed steel finish.
  • Estimated installation time: 10 minutes.
  • Shower housing and cartridge housing made in United States and Canada.

Three finishes to choose from.

Polished chrome,

brushed steel and

brass look.

Typically the cartridge should be replaced every year.

Easy  Cartridge Change





Cartridge Use, Capacity and Replacement:

To purchase replacement cartridges call us at 1-877-523-7800. The actual time and capacity of your cartridge may vary from the rated capacity depending on frequency of use, length of showers taken and local water conditions. This may be due to the volume of contaminants actually present in your water supply. The contaminants removed or reduced by the Shower System are not necessarily in all users’ water.

Cartridge Replacement:

The Custom Eclipse Shower System includes a pre-filter disc designed to lengthen cartridge life by preventing the intrusion of sediment into the cartridge housing.

The Custom Eclipse Shower Cartridge should be replaced once every 12-15 months .
Or when you notice a change in your skin or hair, or smell of chlorine

Operating Specifications:

Rated Capacity (in US Gallons)        25,000 +
Approximate Flow Rate                    2.5 gal/min  (9.46 L/min) .
Housing Construction                      High Impact Plated ABS .
Maximum Working Pressure           100 PSIG (689.5 kPa) .
Minimum Working Pressure            30 PSIG (206.8 kPa) .
Maximum Operating Temperature 140º F /71º C .
Minimum Operating Temperature   34º F/1º C .

Magnetite ore has a very weak magnetic strength, not enough to cause water to be structured even in a drinking water filter. The ferrite magnet used in the Custom Eclipse Shower Filter is more than adequate for reducing structure, for a softer feeling water.

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