Positive Ions vs Negative Ions

There are positive and negative ions.
Positively charged ions have an adverse effect on the body. Negatively charged ions have a positive, health-enhancing effect on the body.
Running water such as a stream, waterfalls or the crashing waves of an ocean, emit large amounts of life-enhancing negative ions. The wind blowing through trees also emits these wonderful negative ions.
This is why most people feel so much better when they are in these areas.

Conversely,the wind blowing through all buildings in cities, or an electric dryer, emits harmful positive ions. If you sit in a Laundromat all day, it is very common for you to feel horrible and very fatigued. These harmful positive ions can also suppress your immune system.
This electromagnetic chaos can not be avoided. However, it can be reduced, and there are simple things you can do to counteract the negative energy you are being exposed to.

The bottom line is that today we are putting more toxins in our body than ever before in history. And the trend is increasing. As this trend continues, people will continue to increase the number of times they get sick, the number of diseases they develop, and the severity and duration of these illnesses.

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