Air Purifiers address Childhood Asthma

BelKraft has developed a range of products designed for different situations. With advanced technology in the field of air purifiers and an understanding of people’s needs, BelKraft has become one of the most popular companies of air cleaners. A model called the 9-stage Deluxe Nutri-Tech has been turning heads of parents’ with children who suffer from asthma. The model has been proven to be one of the most effective and efficient air purifiers on the market with its innovative technology and conveniently small size. There are many families around the world who have experienced the convenience and effectiveness of the 9-stage Deluxe Nutri-Tech. These families have found the efficiency of the air purifier has left them to breathe easier and sleep more soundly through the night.

The Robinson family from Cumberland Ontario is one of those families that have found nighttime tranquility and safety in BelKraft’s 9-stage Deluxe Nutri-Tech. Donna Robinson, the family’s nine-year-old daughter has been suffering from sensitive allergies since she was born. Donna had to take special medications for her allergies and could rarely go outside and play with other children due to the severe allergy attacks she would experience. Mrs. Robinson was upset that her daughter could not be as active as other children her age but was more worried about her daughter’s sleeping habits. Due to her sensitivities to particles and allergens in the air, Donna had trouble sleeping in her small room. The allergens that circulated in the room had nowhere to escape in such a small confined space, leaving them trapped for her to breathe in. Donna scarcely had a full night’s rest. A sneezing fit or coughing episode after breathing in these harmful allergens and particles in the air often awaked her. Mrs. Robinson was at her wit’s end and was frustrated that none of the allergy medications could be strong enough to allow Donna a good night’s sleep. She finally turned to BelKraft to help her with the quality of her indoor air.

Mrs. Robinson purchased the 9-stage Deluxe Nutri-Tech from BelKraft to try and clean Donna’s room while she slept at night and keep the allergens at bay. This model of air purifier is geared directly towards the specific particulates in the air that can trigger an asthma attack. The air purifier is able to absorb these particles and allergens with its effective HEPA filter stage. The air purifier also includes eight other filtration stages inside the unit. These stages are able to assist the unit in eliminating odor and chemical contamination of the room. After reviewing the technological aspects of the air purifiers, Mrs. Robinson decided it was the right one for Donna’s allergy problem.

The 6-stage Nutri-Tech is a perfect fit for a child’s room due to its small size. This air purifier is 16 inches in height and 11 inches wide. Although it’s considered the smaller version of the Nutri-Tech, the 6-stage Nutri-Tech is just as powerful at removing contaminants from the air. The machine is able to clean an area that is 600 square feet or smaller. This size is perfect for most children’s rooms or home offices. The motor of the Nutri-Tech also comes in different fan settings, making it easier to be in a children’s room at night. Mrs. Robinson was able to turn the fan down to a medium setting at night in order to not disturb Donna while she had a sound night’s sleep. The simple controls on these air purifiers make them a joy to work with.

The Nutri-Tech worked wonders for the Robinson family and Donna. She was able to breathe easier during the nighttime and did not awaken the whole family with her coughing and sneezing. These air purifiers are small. This one is tucked away in a corner during the day and is so small; it does not take up too much space in the small room. Like all of this manufacturer’s air purifiers this Nutri-Tech unit does its job to eliminate the allergens and odors from the air, leaving Donna only clean and safe air to breathe. The Robinsons now are sure to set the unit on a medium setting when Donna goes to sleep in order for her to have a sound and uninterrupted night. The Robinson family including Donna can now sleep and breathe easier due to the technology found in BelKraft’s air purifiers.